Footwear Design

The workshop provides an overview of footwear design and production leading to the process of developing a complete collection. The focus is on research, thought process, design development for a theme and range building for a collection. The process will begin with the selection of a topic of choice to research from. This will lead to the design direction, along with the materials and details selection, which in turn will be the base of the collection.

Lecturer biography

Rana Cheikha is a Lebanese born footwear & accessories designer. Currently in the process of building her self-named brand, she is the founder and designer at Rana Cheikha, a luxury footwear lifestyle brand. She uses this opportunity to challenge the current wave in the footwear industry of the Middle East by highlighting the importance of a well-made product. She aims to have people look beyond a brand name, to go past fast and disposable fashion and instead to value a well-designed and timeless piece by creating artistic products of quality that are esthetically interesting and artisanal in creation.

Rana attended the Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, and graduated in 2012 with a Master in Footwear and Accessories Design. She also completed the Orientation in Shoe Techniques in December 2011. Prior to that, she attended the American University of Beirut and received her Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2008.

With tutors and mentors from the smallest of workshop and the largest masters of the industry, Rana has been trained under individuals who are dedicated to detail and quality in the production of leather goods. Following over nine years of work in the design field, internships and experience from both well established and start-up companies, she has now decided to create her own mark. Rana’s products have been featured in both regional and international publications and newspapers.