ESMOD was founded in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, tailor of the Empress Eugénie and the inventor of the bust mannequin, flexible centimeter and first written method. ESMOD was the first school in the world to value and convey the basics of expertise so preciously guarded. Its reputation, its international network in 14 countries and privileged relationships with the industry guarantee to all its students today a successful integration into the world of fashion internationally.

ESMOD is present in Lebanon for 20 years. The number of students graduating from our school exceeds the thousand and most of them work for prestigious brands or created their own label. 
Our goal is to create a culture of innovation, creativity and technicity, and to equip our students with the skills required for the fashion jobs of today and tomorrow, adapting the training to the evolution of the fashion field.

BA in Fashion & Pattern drafting

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Short Courses

  • Menswear Fashion Design

    An advanced 3-month program which encourages the discovery of one's personal universe and the exploration of global menswear trends. Candidates will also learn various fashion illustration techniques, to make flat drawings of several male garments, to form a color and fabric range, to apply the creative design approach, and ultimately to develop a mini-collection of shirts, vests, pants and jackets.
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  • Womenswear Fashion Design

    An accelerated 3 or 6 month course that encourages the candidates to explore their personal universe, learn different fashion illustration techniques and flat drawing; understand colors and fabrics, discover the creative design approach, and finally develop a mini collection of skirts, blouses and dresses.

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  • Pattern Drafting

    An accelerated 6 month course where candidates explore the human silhouette proportions, learn to draft by flat method the basic patterns for skirts, blouses and dresses; and realizing those models in fabrics.

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