Our Strong Points

  • Customizing relations: A close relationship is set between ESMOD Beirut students, faculty and administration. We are daily listening to grievances of everyone and always finding solutions to difficulties encountered by our students.

  • Fashion and culture: Culture plays a crucial role in the personal development of ESMOD students. Additional courses on the theme of culture through all its facets (costume history, art and culture, fashion culture) are included to enrich the curriculum of the student and help him/her improve his/her performance.

  • Job opportunities: The job opportunities in the world of Fashion are significant in Lebanon and across the globe in spite of the current job crisis. The great majority of ESMOD Beirut students who were looking for a job find one that meets their wishes and respective talents.

  • Quality education: The number of students per classroom does not exceed 25 to ensure quality education, coaching them according to the needs of each student. ESMOD Beirut also uses stakeholders from other schools in our international network, thus promoting exchanges of education.