Short Courses

Fashion Environment
The evolution of the markets, structures and sectors studied in a global context. Students learn how to anticipate and interpret fashion trends, and understand the dynamics and challenges behind the design of a collection.

Fashion Branding
Learn how to establish the brand identity, increase the desirability of the brand and identify brand extensions and collaboration opportunities. 

Fashion Marketing
Discover the Fashion Marketing principles and tools in order to develop a well-focused marketing strategy. 

Fashion Weeks
Discover the Fashion Weeks world and enter behind the scenes of the Fashion Shows preparation.

Luxury Management
Understand the luxury marketing process, from brand DNA definition, to product design, promotion and distribution.

Fashion Supply Chain
Study the complexity of the fashion supply chain and learn how to identify opportunities and maximize profitability. 

Fashion Buying
Learn how to analyze sales, prepare budgets, identify suppliers and choose the right range of products for a brand or store. 

Retail Branding
Study the bases of Visual Merchandising and learn how to give clients the ultimate shopping experience.  

Identify the opportunities of the net and learn how to benefit from new technologies in order to increase the reach and appeal of fashion brands.

Three Practical outings to put it all into practice. 

Acquired knowledge about the bases of Fashion and Luxury management, marketing, buying, merchandising and branding. 

Two days a week from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Period: 3-month
Number of hours: 54
Cost: 1500 USD