3rd year: Specialization - Final Collection
  • Research & Development

    Each student is first invited to define the graduation sector according to individual sensitivity to ensure proper choice of volumes and fabrics for the personal collection. He/she also needs to develop a concept to be tested through different creative techniques while keeping the focus on the technical aspect. The whole collection should be drawn and executed based on the ideas tested for the specific sector.

  • Collection Development

    Once the sector chosen and the concept successfully tested, students start working on their personal collections:

    • Make illustrations to promote the collection;  

    • Develop a collection plan to highlight the structure of the collection; work on creative finishing; develop a second line more commercial based on the main line; create accessories; 

    • Work on styling for show and shooting; • do a detailed marketing and branding analysis; and 

    • Produce a catalogue showing their graduation collection and a professional portfolio needed for their BA and for job interviews. 

    Students also learn how to make a production file for each garment and calculate the cost and final price. 

    The design portfolio, marketing analysis, “scrap book” of experimentation and 12 pieces made in pattern-drafting are presented to a professional jury for final evaluation. This final jury is a great opportunity for professionals to meet new talents for internship or jobs. Four pre-juries are also conducted throughout the year to help students improve their presentation skills & finalize their collections.