Full time Faculty

Antoine Kassatly

Antoine Kassatly started his career studying Fashion Design and Pattern Making at ESMOD Beirut. He graduated in June 2001 earning two prizes: Fashion Design and the Aiguille d’Or. His passion for teaching made him decide to join ESMOD Beirut as a Fashion Design instructor just after graduating in 2001. The invaluable experience and cultural exchange gained from being part of ESMOD International network inspired Antoine to improve new methods and fulfill his dream.

Due to his extensive teaching experience, he was nominated in 2011 a member of the Fashion Design committee at the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education within the government of Lebanon. Besides teaching, Antoine worked in children wear, casual wear, ready to wear, haute couture, fashion illustration and costume design. 

He is inspired by geometrical shapes that later became a signature of his minimalist work. When he is not designing, Antoine is a member of a missionary movement. He trained in communication and leadership and believes in the importance of community involvement, inspiring others and spreading positive energy.