Short Courses

  • ESMOD accelerated courses or workshops allow students to initiate or improve knowledge and/or skills in the specific topic. 
  • Classes given in English, French, and Arabic 
  • Maximum number of students per class: 25
  • Minimum number of students per class: 8
  • Courses validated by a certificate from ESMOD Beirut & USJ 

Evening Courses
Introduction to Jewelry Design

This course is an introduction to the world of jewelry. The 15 sessions will cover the following topics:

- History 

- Steps of production

- Wax carving (Main focus)

Learning this technique will help the candidate develop skills from sketches/ideas to a handmade 3D wax model

- Each candidate will work closely with the instructor on his own Line

By the end of the course the candidate will have an overview of the world of jewelry and will be able to start his own brand based on what was learned in the course.

Styling & Consulting - Level 1

The workshop is spread over 2 levels, and  (Level 1 & Level 2) gives an overview on the profession of styling & consulting using basic concepts of fashion design and visual identity.  The focus is on the definition of colors, make-up technique, morphological study of the face, study of wardrobes and assistance in shopping.


Lecturer Biography

Ghada Kazan received her Diploma in Fashion Design from ESMOD Paris in 1983. She then started her career as the Manager & Visual Merchandiser at MEXX for more than 10 years. In 2006, Ghada Kazan decided to join the academic world and became Fashion Design Coordinator and Teacher for third year at ESMOD Beirut. She is also the stylist consultant of many programs and for many celebrities at MBC channel such as Arab idol, X factor, Project Runway and Arab’s Got Talent. More recently, Ghada Kazan started giving workshops on Visual Merchandising and Styling & Consulting at ESMOD Beirut.

Pattern Drafting (Level 1) - Womenswear - The Shirt, Skirt and Dress

This Course introduces students to the basics of sewing from a technical point of view. 

During this course student will learn how to use sewing machines.

Students will also execute all the basic stitches used in the apparel industry. (Open seam, close seam, different type of pleats)

This Course develops an understanding of basic patterns and how to manipulate them respecting the fundamental rules of pattern making. 

By understanding pattern construction students will be able to gain a wider understanding of the use of the pattern while developing basic concepts. 

Darts manipulation, (princes cut), flat construction, execution of different type of skirts, shirts and dress.

Please note that the course of Pattern drafting Level 1 should be complete to acquire the certificate and be able to apply to Level 2 courses (The Strapless & Pants - The Suit).


Fashion Business

Instructors: Elio Srour and Carla Mahseredjian

Course starts: 

Course Ends: 

Total Number of Hours: 44 hours in total / 22 sessions

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Timing: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Accreditation: Certificate from ESMOD Beirut and USJ

Location: USJ, Huvelin Street, Social Sciences Campus, Building B, class A37


Summer Courses