Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting (CSS)*

Learning Objectives 

The three-year intensive program allows students to acquire excellent technical skills while developing and refining their creative and marketing abilities. In the final year, students design & construct a collection of clothing, specializing in a specific market. 
This program is designed with a specific goal: allowing students to jump into the Fashion industry as soon as they graduate from university. 
Students who wish to apply in our school should have Curious, Critical and Observant minds with high interest in Fashion. 

Course contents  

The program is divided equally between Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting. Fashion Design involves the creative design aspect while Pattern Drafting translates that vision into a constructed garment through draping, cutting and sewing.  
The combination of these disciplines is what gives ESMOD’s methodology its added value and its graduates their unparalleled technical & creative expertise. 
Students are also taught fashion sketching, illustration, trends forecasting, marketing, branding, textile, history of costume, digital fashion illustration and pattern making (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lectra Modaris).  
The BA ends with 3rd year students presenting their collection to a Jury of industry professionals. 

All courses are in the form of lectures and intensive workshops.